This exam will be conducted under the title of “PRERNA.” Easy Educations, Golden Educations, Vision Educations, Mauli Educations, Jeet Educations and Pushkaraj Enterprises all are working under the PRERNA Educations Brand.

This exam will be conducted according to the syllabus designated by, the Maharashtra State Examination Council, Pune. Answer sheet pattern and the marking system will be as per the guidelines statedby the Maharashtra State Examination Council, Pune. The method of writing the answer sheet will be as per the board”s paper (OMR SHEET).

Exam fee will be accepted online only, your participation in this exam will be considered only after payment is received. All the information received from you will be shared with our partners which are working under the title “PRERNA”

Medium of Practice Exam:The medium of practice Exam will be- Marathi, Semi-English and English. Only the student who is studying in that particular standard ( 5th, 8th) can appear for this exam.The fees once paid will not be refunded nor transferred to any other student.

Hall Ticket: Students can download their Hall Ticketby Login to our website 8-10 days prior to Exam date.Students will not be allowed to attend the Examination without Hall Ticket and valid ID card.

Merit list: Merit list will be state level, district level and taluka level. A student selected in one level will not be selected in another level. For example, a student nominated under State-Level Merit will not be nominated at District-level Merit. The practice exam organisers reserve the right to reduce or increase the number of prize-eligible students in the merit list. As this is the value addition provided by the Organizers, no arguments or complaints will be entertained on prizes provided.

Examination Centre: A centre will be set up at City-level or Taluka-Level or if there are more than Two hundred and fifty (250) students according to their convenience. If the examination centre is not available at the designated place, the candidates will have to take the examination at the nearest centre or at the centre as directed by their representative or the examination committee. The concerned relatives/parents will be fully responsible for bringing their child/student to the examination hall and taking them after the examination.

If any other examination is conducted by any other organization on the day of the examination, no alternative arrangements will be made for such students, or another student cannot be seated in place of that student.

Seating arrangement: Students have to be seated as per the seating arrangementmade at the examination centre. E.g. Bench or Indian sitting systemwhichever is present.

Other: Children should carry with them – Writing Pad, dark black or blue pen, water bottle, lunch box while coming to the examination centre.

The answer sheet will not be displayed or duplicated. Also, they will not be re-examined. In case of equal marks, the selection procedure for the scholarship holder is as follows:-

(a) A student securing higher marks in Paper One will be given higher rank.

(b) In case of equality of marks in point No. (a) above, the student with higher marks in Mathematics will be given higher rank.

(c) If there are equal marks in point No. (a)and (b) above, the student who has higher marks in Intelligence Test will be given higher marks.

(d) If there are equal marks in point No. (a), (b), and (c) above, the student who is younger in age will be given higher marks.

(e) In case of equality in point number (a), (b), (c), and (d) above, the total prize amount will be divided equally among the qualifiers.

Complaint regarding the examination cannot be made in any court, police station or any person/institution concerned with law. Organiser shall not be responsible for any such dispute or complaint. All the rights and rights of the said exam shall remain with Easy Educations, the organiser of this exam.